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Network parsed by: Gephi
Data retrieved from: Microsoft Academic Knowledge API (July 2017)

The RE Authors Community Network

(1) Click on a node to highlight its neighbouring nodes.

(2) Node colours represent communities that were detected by the Modularity algorithm in Gephi.

Network type

Citation coupling A directed graph. The number of times a pair of authors cited each other.

If author A cited author B once, than the edge A > B (1) will be created. If A cited B twice, than the edge A > B (2) will be created. And so on. It is possible to cite the same author several times in a paper.

Authors Bibliographic Coupling An undirected graph. A function of the shared references between authors based on Bibliographic Coupling.

Author name

Minimum degree 0 The degree of a node is the number of relations (edges) that it has. Only nodes with higher degree than the selected one will appear on screen.

0 34

Authors labels threshold The engine's threshold number for displaying the author name labels. The value is the minimum size a node must have on screen, in order to see its label displayed.

A higher threshold will result in less labels being displayed.

0 8